Mental Health and Diagnosis

Mental health problems and the results that they can have on people have become a large problem in our society. The diagnosis of mental health problems has allowed persons who need help to receive assistance. Unfortunately, there is often a stigma associated with a diagnosis and with receiving mental health help in general.

The SDSM&T counseling staff works with people who have been diagnosed with a mental health illness to alleviate the symptoms and problems associated with those disorders.

If you have questions or concerns about mental health and the diagnostic system, then please contact the SDSM&T counseling staff.


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Mark Urban - 394-2533
Counselor and Wellness Coordinator
Jolie McCoy - 394-1924
Director of Counseling & ADA Services
Megan Reder - 394-6988
ADA Coordinator/Counselor
MaryJo Farrington - 394-5201
Substance Abuse Help