Relationship Issues

Problem with your significant other?  Can't stand your roommate?  Being abused by or abusing a significant other?  Human beings engage in many different types of relationships.  Sometimes, two people reach a point where they need assistance in their relationships.  Counseling is an opportunity to improve a relationship that has had trouble in the past;  it is also an opportunity to ensure more successful relationships in the future.  The counseling department at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology is available to help improve relationships.  If you need help improving a relationship, then please contact the SD Mines' Counseling Department. 

Family Issues

Most of the time family is a support system that people use in times of need.  Family relationships are not always perfect and there are times when an outside opinion on the family can help.  The counseling staff at SD Mines is ready to assist students with family problems that may arise.  If you have questions, then please contact our staff. See:  Counseling Home Page

Dating Issues

The Break-Up Power Point:  Learn how to cope better after you have a break up in college.
The Breakup PPT  |  The Breakup PDF

Health CollegeDating: Learn what to expect while dating in college.
College Dating PPT  |  College Dating PDF

Local Resources:

Behavior Management Systems 
Catholic Social Services 
Lutheran Social Services

Masculine Identity and Violence Prevention Programming

The South Dakota School of Mines and Technology is a campus committed to non-violence.  Inspired by the groups The Date Safe Project and Men Against Rape, our Masculine Identity and Violence Prevention Programs are targeted at educating our male students.  These programs are designed to engage men in becoming allies in preventing not only sexual violence but violence in general.  These presentations examine the cultural stereotypes of violence prevalent in our society and seek alternative and better representations of non-violent masculinity.   These programs are presented to residence halls, psychology classes, fraternities, and other campus organizations.  If you are interested in becoming an ally in preventing violence against women or would like to have a Masculine Identity and Violence Prevention Program presented to your campus organization, contact Mark Urban at or at (605)394-2533.

Listed below are links to national organizations committed to violence prevention and bystander intervention:

Need Help?

We have a staff of counselors available to help you, anytime.


Megan Reder-Schopp
Director of Counseling and ADA Services

Jeremy Kendall

Nancy Sprynczynatyk (pronounced "Sprin-zin-nat-ick")