Sexual Harassment

The South Dakota School of Mines and Technology is an institution where students should feel respected and safe.  Mines staff are committed to making sure that our students have a quality learning environment.  Student programming reflects a commitment to raising awareness about Sexual Harassment and the resources available to victims.  The resources, links, and suggestions on this page are meant to assist students.  

Sexual Assault 

If you have been assaulted or if you are in danger, then please call campus safety at (605)394-6100 or 911.  

  1. If you are in immediate danger, get to a safe place.
  2. Call Campus Safety or the Police.  Contact a safe person such as a friend.  Campus Counseling Service and other community agencies are available to assist you. 
  3. If this is immediately following a sexual assault,please do not shower or "clean up."  While this is a natural impulse, medical examiners and forensics experts can use evidence from an assault to prosecute perpetrators.  If you do "clean up," there may still be information and evidence that can be collected.
  4. All victims of sexual assaults are assisted by trained medical staff through Regional Health Systems and Working Against Violence, Inc. (WAVI) volunteers are available to help victims through their trauma. 
  5. You may wish to write down details of your assault.  Be as thorough and descriptive as possible.  If you can, make clothing and other items available to law enforcement.  This evidence can assist law enforcement in protecting you and others and assist in making sure perpetrators receive legal consequences. 
  6. Do not blame yourself.  Sexual Assault is never the victims fault.  Talk to others to get help.  Friends, counseling services, and community agencies can help you.  

Sexual Harassment Student Action Plan: View as Movie  |  PPT  |  PDF
Sexual Harassment Title XI brochure: View as PDF


If you feel you have been a victim of sexual harassment or sexual violence, you are strongly encouraged to seek help.  Before enlisting help from university staff, please note that different staff may have different roles with regard to reporting. All Mines staff are committed and concerned about student safety.  Action can and will be taken to help the victims avoid contact with the alleged perpetrators.    

Information shared with counseling staff and campus ministries is confidential.  No information will be shared unless a student agrees to have their information and case information released.  The following is a list of campus counseling staff and phone numbers:

Mark Urban--------------------------------------------------------------------------394-2533

Jolie McCoy--------------------------------------------------------------------------394-1924

Megan Reder------------------------------------------------------------------------394-6988

Other campus resources are available to students; university staff are mandatory reporters.           

Student Conduct-------------------------------------------------------------------394-2348

Dean of Students------------------------------------------------------------------394-2416

Campus Safety---------------------------------------------------------------------394-6100

Human Resources/Title IX Coordinator-------------------------------------394-1203

You may report to faculty, staff, and residence assistants.  These staff are also mandatory reporters.   Information about underage alcohol or drug use related to the complaint will not be used to discipline victims.

Student Advocate Service

You can report an incident of sexual harassment or sexual violence through the student advocate reporting system.  Student Advocate Reporting can be made anonymously if the student chooses not to disclose certain details. 

Student Advocate Reporting Form
Student Conduct Form

Complaint Procedure

There will be an inquiry into each case that is prompt, thorough and impartial. Victims may request confidentiality, but that will be weighed against the safety concerns for the campus and the alleged harasser's rights to receive information about the allegations. Complaint procedures will be based on a preponderance of evidence standard as required by Title IX. Both parties will be notified, in writing about the outcome of the complaint and any appeal including information about the sanction imposed upon a student who was found to have engaged in harassment.

Other community resources


WAVI sexual assault hotline----------------------------------- (605) 341-2046

WAVI logoClick to go to WAVI.

Suicide Prevention Hotline------------------------------------- 1-800-273-TALK

Crisis Care Center (24 hours)-----------------------------------(605) 791-0434


Prevention education for students, faculty, and staff will be offered through Student Development and Human Resources on an ongoing basis. New students will receive information during the orientation process. Counseling and SDSM&T Wellness staff will be available to speak to student organizations that request additional information.

Masculine Identity and Violence Prevention Programming

The South Dakota School of Mines and Technology is a campus committed to non-violence.  Inspired by the groups The Date Safe Project and Men Against Rape, our masculine identity and violence prevention programs are targeted at educating our male students.  These programs are designed to engage men in becoming allies in preventing not only sexual violence but violence in general.  These presentations examine the cultural stereotypes of violence prevalent in our society and seek alternative and better representations of non-violent masculinity.   These programs are presented to residence halls, psychology classes, fraternities, and other campus organizations.  If you are interested in becoming an ally in preventing violence against women or would like to have a Masculine Identity and Violence Prevention Program presented to your campus organization, contact Mark Urban at or at (605)394-2533.

Listed below are links to national organizations committed to violence prevention and bystander intervention: 

Men Can Stop Rape - Website devoted to men stopping rape and how men can play a proactive role in creating change.

A Call to Men - A group committed to ending violence against women.

The Date Safe Project - An organization that encourages healthy relationships. 

Additional Web Resources


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Mark Urban - 394-2533
Counselor and Wellness Coordinator
Jolie McCoy - 394-1924
Director of Counseling & ADA Services
Megan Reder - 394-6988
ADA Coordinator/Counselor
MaryJo Farrington - 394-5201
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