Suicide Prevention

The SDSM&T Counseling Staff provide Gatekeeper programs to faculty, staff, and students throughout the year. Gatekeeper is a program designed to make people more sensitive to the problem of suicide as well as to give people tools to help persons considering suicide the appropriate help. The SDSM&T counseling staff is trained to assist persons considering suicide and help those persons regain a sense of purpose and meaning. If you are concerned about someone, then please contact the SDSM&T Counseling Department.

Suicide Resources

Web Resources:
Suicide Prevention Basics: Follow this link to view pages from the South Dakota Suicide Prevention Strategy. Learn warning signs a person might exhibit if he or she is suicidal and how you might take action to save a life.

Local Resources:
Front Porch Coalition 1 (605) 348-6692
Crisis Care Center 1 (605) 391-4863

National Resources:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1 (800) 273-TALK
NIMH Information on suicide prevention and risks from the National Institute of Mental Health

SDSM&T Resources:
Gatekeeper 2 South Dakota School of Mines & Technology's suicide prevention program


Need Help?

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Megan Reder - 394-6988
or 394-2416
ADA Coordinator/Counselor
MaryJo Farrington - 394-5201
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