Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights

  • Students have a right to all their disability-related information.
  • Students have a right to receive reasonable and appropriate accommodations in a timely manner from student ADA services coordinating with faculty.
  • Students have a right to appeal decisions regarding services and accommodations.

Student Responsibilities

  • Must provide all appropriate documentation regarding their disability 
  • Must discuss accommodations with appropriate faculty members 
  • Must contact student ADA services to initiate accommodation request process
  • Must inform student ADA services as soon as possible the need for materials in an alternate format and which specific formats are needed.
  • Must inform student ADA services as soon as possible when an accommodation is not being provided completely or correctly
  • Must inform student ADA services as soon as possible when an accommodation no longer serves its purpose
  • Must adhere to the SDSMT Student Code of Conduct 

Faculty Rights

  • Have the right to request verification of a student's eligibility
  • Upon the completion of the student's enrollment with student ADA services, a memo is distributed to the professors informing them of the student's accommodation and to which classes the accommodation will be in effect
  • Have the right to discuss alternate accommodations if the accommodation is presented in the student ADA accommodation memo is deemed unreasonable by the professor, or if the accommodation disrupts the "core learning objectives" for the class
  • Have the right to have Student ADA Services to proctor and administer exams in a secure, monitored environment
  • Have the right to determine the course content and how it will be taught
  • Have the right to assign grades to students appropriate to the level of the student's knowledge of the material
  • Have the right to maintain academic standards and integrity in their classes
  • Have the right to expect class attendance and timely submission of assignments 
  • Have the right to fail a student that does not perform to passing standards
  • Have the right to be treated respectfully by students 

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Must maintain student confidentiality treat and protect all disability-related information & documentation as confidential
  • Must clearly communicate class policies and procedures with students with disabilities
  • Must consult with Student ADA Services if an accommodation has a tendency to violate, or disrupt, the goals, requirements or core learning objectives of the class.
  • Must identify and establish essential functions, abilities, skills, and knowledge for each course and evaluate each student using those criteria
  • Must provide accommodations only to students who are registered with Student ADA Services
  • Must use a syllabus statement and class announcements to invite students to disclose their disability and accommodation needs with student ADA services
  • Must act immediately upon obtaining a student's request for an accommodation
  • Must work with student ADA services and the disabled student if alternate formats for class materials are necessary
  • Must enforce all policies and procedures equally for all students 
  • Must adhere to the terms and conditions of their COHE contract 

Student ADA Rights

  • Have the right to request students who are asking for an accommodation to complete all necessary documentation prior to initiating accommodation services
  • Have the right to deny any accommodation request without appropriate documentation or if a request is deemed unreasonable. Accommodations cannot impose undue hardship to, or fundamentally alter, any program or activity of a university.
  • Have the right to alter any documentation that is used internally by the Office of Student ADA Services
  • Have the right to review their internal accommodation process and make changes as necessary

Student ADA Responsibilities

  • Must collect, evaluate, and securely file all disability documentation and determine appropriate services
  • Must treat all disability-related material as confidential 
  • Must meet with students privately to discuss disability-related needs and accommodations
  • Must provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations in collaboration with faculty/staff and the students
  • Must be able to provide class materials in the format outlined in the accommodation once those materials are identified by the faculty or student
  • Must communicate procedures clearly to students and faculty 
  • Must deliver all completed exams to the appropriate faculty/staff member after a student has completed said exam

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