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Grubby Gold online deposits

Your student ID is your all access pass for many great services and features on-campus.  First and foremost, it is your on-campus identification.  Additionally, your student ID serves as your library card, meal card, on-campus debit card, Rocker Rewards card and door access card.

As your on-campus identification, your student ID provides proof that you can access the student computer labs, athletic events, activities, the Wellness Center, and Health Services. As a library card, you can utilize the resources in the library, check out books, and other material.

As a meal card, just present the card at the Hardrocker Cafe and deduct your purchases from your meal plan or dining dollars. Dining Dollars (in a meal plan) can be used at Einstein's, the Miner's Shack or the Hardrocker Cafe.

As a debit card, with money deposited in your Grubby Gold account, use your card to purchase items on and off campus.  Depositing money is easy!  Parents and friends can make "guest deposits" online just by knowing a student's ID number and name.  Students can make deposits online or in the Cashier's Office. 

Off-campus at:  

  • Pure Bean Coffee - In the Creamery Building
  • Subway - St. Patrick St.
  • Fresh Start Market across from campus
  • Sumo Japanese Kitchen across from campus

 On-campus, use Grubby Gold at:

  • Residence Hall laundry machines
  • Designated vending machines
  • Designated copy machines
  • Campus dining locations
  • Rocker Shop Bookstore
  • Mail Services - Facilities Building

As your Rocker Rewards card, present your ID at the Bookstore whenever you make a purchase - discounts and prizes are just a few of rewards when you present your ID for Rocker Rewards. 

Finally, as a door access card, you are provided access to your assigned residence hall, Surbeck Center (including the Rec Center), campus buildings and student activities, such as athletic events, plays, and concerts.

Take care of your student ID . . . the replacement cost is $10. Since SDSMT uses proximity style door card readers, your ID contains a RFID chip/antennae. Punching holes in non-designated areas, bending, cracking or just not being nice to your ID will more than likely damage the card and then it won't work for door access anymore. If this happens, You will need damaged card to Student Accounts & Cashiering Services in Surbeck Center and pay $10 for a new one. If your prox card stops "beeping" at the door access readers, then the chip is not working anymore and you'll need a new ID card for a cost of $10.

For more information, call, write, or visit Students Accounts/Cashiering Services at SDSMT Surbeck Center, 501 E St Joseph Street, Rapid City, SD  57701 (605) 394-2372

If you are locked out, please contact


Grubby Gold is accepted at the following locations:

  •   Devereux Library & Surbeck Center
    Swipe your card and pay for copying at the Library and Surbeck using Grubby Gold.
  • Einstein's
  • Need a morning pick me up or a tasty afternoon snack? Stop by Einstein's in Rocker Square I on your way to or from class.  Use Dining Dollars or Grubby Gold at Einstein's.
  • Laundry Machines
    The laundry machines in the residence halls are equipped with Grubby Gold card readers. You will never have to worry about enough quarters. Swipe your card and pay for your washing and drying.
  • Miner's Shack
    Located in the Surbeck Center, the Miner's Shack is a great place for coffee, meals, & snacks!  Use Dining Dollars or Grubby Gold - both work like debit cards with your Student ID.
  • The Hardrocker Café
    The Hardrocker Café is our all you can eat main dining hall. You can use your meal plan, found on your Student ID, or purchase a meal with Dining Dollars or Grubby Gold.
  • University Bookstore
    You can purchase anything sold at the store, such as supplies, gifts, computer software, and clothing. Simply let the cashier know that you will be paying with your ID card and the purchase will be deducted from your Grubby Gold account. Present your student ID at the Bookstore for any purchase to get Rocker Rewards!
  • Vending Machines
    Access candy, juice, and pop machines around campus--including all vending machines in Surbeck Center and the Residence Halls.
  • >Mail Services - Facilities Building
    Need postage? Want to mail a package?  Mail Services in the Facilities Building can handle all of your shipping and mailing needs - using Grubby Gold.
  • Off-Campus Locations: Fresh Start Market, Subway - St. Patrick St., Pure Beam Coffe, and Sumo.                                  
    Make sure you visit any of our five great off-campus vendors!  From fresh food to subs and sushi to snacks--you can buy almost anything on your Grubby Gold account!

Refund Policy

Grubby Gold:  Amounts of $50.00 or greater will be refunded in full upon leaving SDSMT.  If the account is less than $50, we encourage the user to spend it prior to leaving as it will not be refunded.  SDSM&T reviews accounts annually during the summer months.  Refunds will be processed according to procedure for inactive accounts and for accounts of students known to have left school or graduated.  Refunds will be issued in the form of a check or direct deposit to the ID card holder.
Bookstore Dollars: Refunds will be processed in the same manner as Grubby Gold.

Dining Dollars: Refunds will only be issued in accordance with the university refund policy. 

Privacy Statement

Introduction South Dakota School of Mines & Technology Student Accounts and Cashiering Services provides ID card services for the university.  As such we are committed to protecting your privacy. We have established this Privacy Statement and are providing it to you so that you can understand the manner in which we collect and use your information and the efforts we use to protect it. Please note that this statement is for School of Mines Cashiers' web site only and does not apply to other third party web sites linked to or from our web site. Please check the privacy policies on those web sites for more information.

Personal Information Collected - School of Mines Cashiers recognizes the need for consumers to control the use and management of personal information. By personal information we mean information that can be used to identify or contact an individual. This may include, but is not limited to, a first and last name, a physical address, an email address, a student id number, or a phone number. If you are visiting our site to browse or find information about School of Mines Cashiers products or services, you do not need to provide any personal information. If you decide to make a deposit, however, we may collect this information so that we can provide you with the service you requested

Automatic Information Collected - Our website makes use of various technologies to collect information about types and versions of internet browsers used when accessing our web site. This information, and information about internet IP addresses, as well as date and time web pages are visited are stored in various security and traffic logs. Our service provider reviews these logs, using statistical analysis, in an effort to track and predict traffic patterns and estimate resource needs. Unless we are tracking down a technical problem or we suspect either fraudulent behavior or illegal conduct we do not trace specific user sessions.

Personal Information Use - School of Mines Cashiers uses personal information provided by you so that we can service your account. Also note that we may need to transfer that information to our agents or employees of our service providers. We will not sell or trade your information to unrelated third parties. When you deposit money onto your account, you will receive an email confirmation from our system. These notifications are considered part of our service and may not be disabled.

Third Party Hosting The University may contract with one or more third parties to maintain and host the Web site(s). Therefore, any information you submit, including personal information, may be placed and stored on a computer server maintained by this third party. Your use of the Web site and any provision of personal information you submit to the Web site constitutes your acknowledgement that such information or content could pass through and may be stored in servers outside our control. You agree that the University has no liability or responsibility for any such pass through or storage of same.

Confidentiality and Security - School of Mines Cashiers takes reasonable steps to ensure that your information is protected. On our website we use industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption when collecting your personal information. Our website is hosted in a data center which makes use of multiple levels of redundant firewalls and database encryption to protect information. Internally, we limit access to your information to those employees or agents who we believe have reasonable need to use the information to provide products or services to you, or to perform their jobs.

Contact - Please direct all privacy related questions and concerns to the following address:

School of Mines 
Student Accounts & Cashiering Services
501 E St Joseph Street
Rapid City, SD 57701

General Contact Info

School of Mines 
Student Accounts & Cashiering Services
501 E St Joseph Street
Rapid City, SD 57701

Phone 605-394-2372