Campus Safety

To submit a work request please contact SDSMT-Service Response Center at:

What is it?
Emergency situations are those which endanger lives and/or University Assets.

Emergency Services
Emergencies involving personal safety should be called into the Rapid City Police Department at 9-911. After this, if assistance is needed until police arrive, call Campus Safety at Ext. 6100.

Utility Emergencies
Utility Emergencies are handled by Facilities Services; please call the physical plant at Ext. 2251. Lack of water, heating issues, or electrical outages will be given priority status and receive immediate attention.

Code Blue
The Code Blue Emergency Phone console located in front of the O'Harra building is your connection to 911 emergency services. One push of a button then the console rings straight into 911 dispatch and Police will be dispatched. Then contact Campus Safety at Ext. 6100.

Rapid City Police Department serves the SDSM&T campus for law enforcement. Any damages to personal property, i.e. vehicular burglaries or vandalism, should be reported to the Rapid City Police. Call 394-4131 for non-emergency situations. After contacting the Police, call Campus Safety at Ext. 6100 to file a required campus incident report.

Contact Information (Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM)
Safety Line: 605-394-6100 (Doug Parrow)

Submit a Work Request

To submit a work request please contact SDSMT-Service Response Center at:  Work Request

The Campus - Emergency

In an immediate emergency, CALL 911

Campus Safety Office

  • (605) 394-6100
  • on campus dial 6100

Campus Phone Info

  • On-campus prefix is 394
  • Dial 9 first on campus to get an outside line
  • South Dakota area code is 605