ITS is pleased to offer the printing services of our HP Designjet Z3200ps Photo Printer.  With this wide format printer, ITS offers you improved ink (no longer water-based), 36 lb professional grade paper, truer colors and high resolution graphic printing.

Make your plot the best it can be by creating it in PowerPoint with NO solid background.  Make the PowerPoint slide the size that you'd like your plot printed.  Help Desk Techs can resize your PowerPoint slide without impacting your design.
***If your original poster is less than 21 inches wide, you can print 2 posters per sheet by placing them next to each other in your file.  Open the document setup and set the width to twice that of your poster then copy the original image and paste it next to the original image, save and send us the file to print.

Send your print-ready file to SD Mines-ITS Technology Fellows.  Please include printing instructions and the number of the account to charge.

Size C = 17" x 22" (1 copy) $10.00
Size D = 22" x 34" (1 copy) $15.00
Size E = 34" x 44" (1 copy) $20.00
Glossy Paper Additional $10.00

Plots over 44 inches, add $5.00 for each foot or part thereof
25% color saturation regular price
Add $20.00 to all prices for 50%+ color saturation and intense imaging (with approval)
Add $40.00 to all prices for 75%+ or more color saturation and intense imaging (with approval)

ITS personnel is not responsible for running or streaking and will not manipulate your file.    
Files must be print-ready

Printing is done during normal business hours Weekdays 7:30am-4:30pm.

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