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Preface:  This bibliography, sponsored under the auspices of the Museum of Geology, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Rapid City, is the first issue of DAKOTERRA, a new series to be issued by the museum.  DAKOTERRA is a publication that reflects on the research activities of the Museum of Geology which includes mineralogy, paleontology, and the geology of South Dakota.
            -Philip Bjork, Director

DAKOTERRA Number 1: Bibliography of Fossil Vertebrates 1973-1977

By Morton Green, Jerl E. Pringle and Jiri Zidek
Published in 1979, by the Museum of Geology, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Rapid City, SD.
Price: $4.00
Concisely put, it contains an author catalogue, systematic index, and a faunal and stratigraphic index, covering all of the vertebrates, not just mammals.  This volume fills in the gap for vertebrate paleontology between 1973 and 1977, and covers every known locality that was published on during that time period.  It is the most concise and comprehensive volume for resources regarding all vertebrate fossils across the world.

Arrangement and Use:  The systematic index is arranged first, by class subdivided into three columns: order, family and genus.  The faunal and stratigraphic index has two columns: age and geographic locality followed by the author-data citation. Column 1 is in alphabetical order; column 2 is alphabetized to segments of column one.

DAKOTERRA Volume 3: Papers in Vertebrate Paleontology in Honor of Morton Green
Edited by James E. Martin and Gregg E. Ostrander
Published in 1987, by the Museum of Geology, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Rapid City, SD.
Price: $10.00
Description:  This volume - compiled in honor of Dr. Morton Green for his contributions not only to the South Dakota School of Mines and the Museum of Geology but also for his contributions to the field of paleontology itself - contains information on the life and career of Dr. Green, and a comprehensive set of 14 papers ranging in topics.  Volume 3 covers many aspects of vertebrate paleontology both regionally and internationally, and provides an excellent look at the progressive research paleontologists were doing at the time.


  • A New Halecostome Fish (Actinopterygii, Osteichthyes) from the Late Jurassic of Chile and its Relationships
    By Gloria Arratia and Hans-Peter Schultze
  • A Ceratosauroid Tarsus (Theropod Dinosaur) from Southeastern Missouri
    By Edwin C. Galbreath
  • Some Amphibians and Reptiles from the Oligocene of Northeastern Colorado
    By J. Alan Holman
  • Deformed Xenacanthodiid Shark Teeth from the Permian of Texas
    By Gary D. Johnson
  • Mammalian Paleontology and Geology of the Yoder Member, Chadron Formation, East-Central Wyoming
    By Allen J. Kihm
  • Stratigraphic and Evolutionary Implications of a New Species of Meniscoessus (Multituberculata, Mammalia) from the Upper Cretaceous Williams Fork Formation, Moffat County, Colorado|
    By Jason A. Lillegraven
  • Arretotherium fricki (Artiodactyla, Anthracotheriidae) from the Hemingfordian (Miocene) Flint Hill Local Fauna in South Dakota
    By J.R. Macdonald and James E. Martin
  • The Cranium of Plesiosorex donroosai Green (Insectivora) from the Miocene of South Dakota
    By James E. Martin
  • Gastric Residues Associated with a Mosasaur from the Late Cretaceous (Campanian) Pierre Shale in South Dakota
    By James E. Martin and Philip R. Bjork
  • Beavers from the Harrison Formation (Early Miocene) with a Revision of Euhapsis
    By Larry D. Martin
  • The Early Oligocene (Chadronian) Raben Ranch Local Fauna, Northwest Nebraska: Marsupialia, Insectivora, Dermoptera, Chiroptera, and Primates
    By Gregg E. Ostrander
  • Paleosalinity of the Lower Hudson River: Evidence from Zooarchaeology
    By David C. Parris
  • Dental Evolution and Radiation of Eocene and Early Oligocene Eomyidae (Mammalia, Rodentia) of North America, with New Material from the Duchesnean of Saskatchewan
    By John E. Storer
  • Late Cretaceous (Fox Hills) Multituberculates from the Red Owl Local Fauna of Western South Dakota
    By Robert W. Wilson

DAKOTERRA Volume 4: The Species, Genera, and Tribes of the Living and Extinct Horses of the World 1758-1966.
          From the work of Morris F. Skinner
          Edited and supplemented by J.R. and M.L. Macdonald and L.M. Toohey
Published in 1992, by the Museum of Geology, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Rapid City, SD.
Price: $5.00
Description: This volume is focused solely on horses both prehistoric and modern.  After a discussion of M.F. Skinner's contributions, a concise overview of the horse is provided for those not familiar with their evolution and morphology.  It then goes on to provide classifications and subdivisions of Equidae and give brief descriptions of horse taxa and names.  An alphabetical list is provided of named genera, conveniently focused to one spot, instead of spread throughout the volume, followed by an extensive listing of the species of Tertiary horses and Equus and related horses.  This volume is a great resource that collects years of research and classification of horses in one book, readily searchable and user friendly.


  • Preface and Introduction
  • M.F. Skinner's Post 1966 Contributions to the Study of Horses
  • An Overview of the Horse
                -The Prehistoric Horse
                -The Horse and Man
  • Tentative Tribal Subdivisions of the Oligocene to Holocene Equidae (Subfamily Anchitherinae and Equinae)
  • Horse Generic and Subgeneric Names: A Chronology 1758-1966
  • Alphabetical List of Named Genera with Geographical and Temporal Range
  • An Analysis of the Types of 147 Named Horse Species and Subspecies
  • The Species of Tertiary Horses
  • The Species of Equus and its Allies

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