University Relations (UR)

As the Office of University Relations, we unearth the stories that unfold around us every day: our university’s global research, its impact here at home, the explosive potential of our students, and our faculty’s revolutionary work. And as we weave them into a narrative, composing the fabric of who we are, we discover these stories have become the tellers of us.

Our portfolio is broad. We provide a variety of services to the campus community including: public relations, media relations, campus communications, web services, government relations, photography, graphic design, and educational outreach. Efforts and activities are designed to assist in the recruitment of students, faculty, and staff; support fundraising activities; provide recognition for the faculty, staff, and students for their many achievements; and identify opportunities for the university to work more closely with the community and state.

In this era of instant communication where changes in technology and audience expectations are daily and dramatic, we stand committed to meeting this ever-evolving environment, strategically harnessing our resources and expertise to deliver the School of Mines' powerful message in new and innovative ways.

We look forward to working with you.

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University Relations Staff

Jon Michaels
Director of Marketing
and Communications
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Fran LeFort
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Marsha Ahrenkiel
Web Designer
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Danielle Mason
Public Relations Officer
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Jade Herman
Public Relations Specialist
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Madison Zimmerman-Dusek
Graphic Design Specialist
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