Semester Payment Information

All Payments or Payment Arrangements for Fall 2015 MUST be made before 4:00 pm  September 4, 2015.

Payments made in the Student Accounts/Cashiering Services Office must be by check or cash - no credit cards are accepted in the office.  Payments can also be made on-line through SDePay by e-check (no fee) or credit card (2.75% service fee).

Payment Plans:  The Payment Plan option is available on-line through SDePay beginning July 20, 2015, with the last day to enroll being Sept. 4, 2015. Payments can be made by e-check (no service fee) or credit card (2.75% service fee).  There is a $40 enrollment fee each semester to use the Payment Plan, regardless of the payment method selected.

Financial Aid Deferments: Deferment arrangements related to Financial Aid can only be given if there is AWARDED Financial Aid or Scholarships.  If you have been awarded School of Mines Scholarships and/or Federal/state/private student aid that can be applied to your account, but those funds will not be available prior to 4:00 pm Sept 4, 2015, you can obtain a Federal Aid Deferment from the Financial Aid Office located in the O'Harra Administration Building. Any balance on your account that is not included in a Financial Aid deferment must be paid by 4:00 pm, Friday, September 4, 2015

Third Party Sponsored students need to check their authorization status with the Student Accounts/Cashiering Services Office by September 4, 2015 to ensure an authorization to bill has been received.  Examples of Third Party include the National Guard or Veterans Voc Rehab.

Refund Processing: \ Refunds will be processed by direct deposit (recommended) or mailed to a student's refund requested or local address.  The Refund process is scheduled to start the morning of August 18,  2015, with checks to be mailed out on
August 24.  2015.  If you have classes added after 10 am, August 18,, 2015, you will need to make sure you take care of payment by Sept 4, 2015, or you will be assessed late charges. Changes made to your account after 10 am, August 18, that generate a refund will be included in the processing planned for the Friday, September 18, 2015.


Financial Aid Refunds and Attendance Confirmation:  In order for your financial aid (fellowships, grants, loans, scholarships) to be applied to your account, you must complete the Attendance Confirmation no later than midnight, August 17.  The students who confirm their attendance after August 17, 2015 may find a delay with their potential refunds until mid September.

Loan/Scholarship checks >for non-SDSM&T scholarships or non-electronic loans which require student's endorsement, will be available in the Student Accounts/Cashiering Services Office starting August 24, 2015.  Your student ID, or a picture ID, will be required to pick up all checks.

The Billing Statement is adated PDF document and current only as of the dateat the top of the statement.  If you have added or dropped classes, or if there has been other activity to your account since the date at the top of the statement, you will need to view your Current Activity on SDePay.  SDSM&T will mail an e-Bill notification to your Mines email when the statements are ready to view, but will not mail you a paper copy of the statement.

Grubby Gold is the new name for your flex account.  Funds can be loaded on your ID card by going on-line at and selecting the deposit link, or you can load the funds at the Student Accounts/Cashiering Services Office.  Use your Grubby Gold funds at the Bookstore, Java City, Miners Shack, Hardrocker Cafe, laundry machines and some vending and copier machines.  New locations and avenues to use your Grubby Gold will be included as they are established.  There is no convenience fee to load fund with a credit/debit card.

SD Mines ID cards are used for student identification, library card, dorm and some class/lab room access and Grubby Gold funds and should be kept with you at all times.  SDSM&T is not responsible for Grubby Gold funds should your ID be lost or stolen.  Cards are issued to each new student free of charge.  Returning students should continue to use the ID card they were initially issued.  To replace a damaged or non-working card, bring it to the Student Accounts/Cashiering Services Office. There is a $10 replacement fee, due when the new ID is issued.  ResLife will activate your ID card for room access if you are staying in the dorms.