Michael A Langerman (1992)

Department Head/Professor

Mechanical Engineering (ME)


B.S., M.S., South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Ph.D., University of Idaho


(605) 394-2408
ME / CM #133 (campus map)
Research Expertise
Dr. Michael Langerman's research focuses on computational fluid mechanics and heat transfer. Since 2009, he has conducted research in modeling additive manufacturing processes, such as laser deposition, for the Army Research Laboratory. Before coming to SD Mines, Dr. Langerman conducted research on nuclear powered reactors at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). His research there involved analyzing results from models of hypothetical loss of coolant reactor accidents. He spent eight years as a consultant engaged in reactor safety research for INEL, Los Alamos and Oakridge National Laboratories. He has over 80 technical publications and conference presentations.
Brief Bio
Dr. Michael Langerman is professor and Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department and Co-Director of the Computational Mechanics Laboratory at SD Mines. He was PI on the $5M proposal to the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) that resulted in the creation of the Advanced Material Processing (AMP) center at SD Mines and he served as interim director of the AMP center. He was also Co-PI on a $1.5M proposal to the Army that created the Computational Mechanics Laboratory and is Co-director of the lab. Before academia, he spent 16 years associated with the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) either directly, as a member of the technical staff, or with closely aligned consulting groups. Prior to his INL association, he was employed for two years at the Navy Missile Center in California. He was elected to Fellow grade in ASME in 2006.
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