Publishing on the University Website

  • Who can publish or edit the website:
    A limited number of individuals are allowed to edit and update their website information.  A department head or business office head must request that someone in their group be set up with publishing access.  Make that request to   
  • How to get publisher training
    Training sessions will be held periodically.  Contact to request training.  If a session is not scheduled in the immediate future, we will work with you individually 
  • Where and how to log-in
    To make changes to the website, log in to:  You must be connected to the university network.
  • Website Syncing
    Publishers work in our staging area.  Work on staging gets published to the live site once a day at the end of the day.  Check (must be on the network - either connected or vpn'd in) to see what your changes look like before they go live.
  • If you have trouble and need immediate help:
    Contact Marsha Ahrenkiel (394-1738) or  Vickie Bender (394-1299) 

Reference/Training Materials (documents or videos below)

Publishing on the SDSM&T Website - Ektron CMS400  (.pdf)
Adding a Calendar Event  (.pdf)
Editing the Faculty & Staff page (for Academic Departments) (.pdf) 
Web Standards & Style Guide (.pdf)

How to Videos:


How To Login

 Edit a Page:

 How To Edit Page

 Add Link, Quicklink, Hyperlink, Files and Images:*

*As of October, 2013, please do not add documents to the library. Add them instead through the DMS (Document Management System). See the videos below for adding documents and linking to them.  You will still add hyperlinks and images to the library.

 How to add Link Quicklin Hyperlink Files and Images

 Add and Position an Image:

 How to Add and Position an Image

Work with Metadata:

How to Work with Metadata

 Add a CTA and Add to Page:

How to Add a CTA and Add to Page

 Add a Calendar Event:

How to Add a Calendar Event

 Size and Compress Images:

How to Size and Compress Images

Upload a Document to the DMS (Document Management System):

How to Add a DMS Document

 Link to a Document in the DMS:

How to Link to a DMS Document

Submit a Job Request

Have a Job Request?

Fill out the University Relations


Web Standards & Style Guide

Keep it professional and uniform by following the SDSM&T Web Standards & Style Guide.
Graphic Standards booklet

Keep it professional and purposeful by following the SDSM&T Graphic Standards & Style Guide.