Fall Series, 2013 - Grades 3-5

Youth Programs

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All classes take place on Thursday evenings from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Recycled Skyscrapers (Concluded for 2013)
Thursday, October 3
Using only recycled materials, you will design and create a skyscraper. Your skyscraper design will be tested when it is introduced into the earthquake and high wind zones! Compete with your friends to see who built the strongest and tallest tower!

Mountain VS Machine (Concluded for 2013)
Thursday, October 10
You will act as an engineer and determine which wedge is the best tool to extract rock from a quarry and cut into pyramid blocks. Through the use of different wedges, you will get the chance to be an engineer and determine who will win: the mountain or the machine!

Spider Speak (Concluded for 2013)
Thursday, October 17
You will get the chance to learn about spiders and their sticky webs. You will then take your new knowledge and use it to create your own spider webs with hidden messages in them.

Earthquake Engineering (Concluded for 2013)
 Thursday, October 24
After creating  your very own building, you will test the structure on a bed of gelatin. Will your design be able to withstand the mighty earthquake? Come to Earthquake Engineering to find out!

For more information, please contact Youth Programs at:
(605) 394-2693