2014 Fall Science Series - Grades 6-8

Our new FSS classes are now open for registration! Read through all of the excitement we have coming up in October!

Register For Individual Sessions (below) - $10 each

All classes take place on Thursday evenings from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. in the classroom building on campus. Click here to see map.

Tower Design Competition

Thursday, October 2
Take your imagination to new heights! You will be challenged to design and construct a tower out of newspaper. After creating your tower, it will be tested for stability and strength. Will your design stand-up to the elements or will your building crumble?  

Elusive Earthquakes 
Thursday, October 9
Have you ever wondered why some building survive earthquakes while others are destroyed? Come and build a mini-city and see how it reacts to simulated earthquakes. Through test you will find what materials and designs are best for earthquake zone construction!

Skydiver Survival
Thursday, October 16
You will see how proper design is essential for parachutes. Students make a skydiver and parachute contraption to demonstrate how drag cause by air resistance slows descent. See how engineers modify their designs to cover multiple forces like thrust, lift and more!

Tower Design Competition - PASTA!
Thursday, October 23
Using pasta students will experiment to better understand the effects of compression and tension forces have with respect to strength of structures. How tall can your tower be will remaining strong? Come develop your own spaghetti tower!

For more information, please contact Youth Programs at:
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