Fall Series, 2013 - Grades 6-8

Youth Programs

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All classes take place on Thursday evenings from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Leaky Landfills (Concluded for 2013)
Thursday, October 3
You will act as an engineer to create a new landfill for a small town. After creating your landfill, it will be tested against rain, wind and earthquakes. Will your design stand-up to the elements or will you have a leaky landfill?  

Candy Coated   (Concluded for 2013)
Thursday, October 10
Have you ever wondered why pills have a coating on them? Through the use of candy simulations you will design your own pill coating to discover the answer!

Captured Dino Breath (Concluded for 2013)
Thursday, October 17
You will see how an element that was present in dinosaur's breath is still around today. Through hands-on experiments you will discover the way we captured dinosaur breath!

Recycled Speakers (Concluded for 2013)
Thursday, October 24
Do you think you could create your own radio speakers out of an old yogurt cup? Come to Recycled Speakers and find out! By creating your own speakers out of everyday objects, you will learn about the role of electricity and magnetism.

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