Giant Vision Competition

The SD Governor's Office of Economic Development hosts the Giant Vision Business Plan Competition each year to encourage both business and student entrepreneurs to build their dreams in South Dakota. Contact Joseph Wright ( for more information about the process.

2016 Giant Vision Student Business Plan Competition Winners  

SteelRoses Joseph SchurchFirst Place: Botanical Extraction Technology

First place winner and a $5,000 prize in the student competition was awarded to Botanical Extraction Technology, Aaron Worlie, chemical engineering, Conde, S.D., and Erica Howie, industrial engineering and engineering management, Rapid City, S.D., all undergraduate students (supercritical CO2 extraction systems). Botanical Extraction also participated in the 2015 SD Mines Student Business Plan Competition in (currently known as the CEO program).

Elevator Pitch —Botanical Extract Technologies is a South Dakota based company that specializes in design and manufacturing of Supercritical Fluid Extraction systems and high purity botanical products. These products range from common household goods such as cooking oils, ointments & creams, all the way to developing markets such as high purity pharmaceuticals and hops oils for craft brewing. These products are often acquired using dangerous, volatile or toxic chemicals, or are acquired using technology with very low yields. BET is designed around using Supercritical CO2 to extract the desired components from plant matter in order to gain the purest form of the end product. BET will be a pioneer in innovative applications for Supercritical fluid extractions and will provide customers with efficient, clean and economical separations tailored specifically to their needs.  

Second Place:  Endlas (banner photo above)

2nd place in the business competition and a $10,000 prize was awarded to Endlas LC (laser classing/strengthening), Joshua Hammell, mechanical engineering, Evansville, Wyo., James Tomich, materials engineering and science, Farson, Wyo., and Brett Trotter, mechanical engineering, Rapid City, S.D. Endlas also participated in the 2015 SD Mines Student Business Plan Competition.

Elevator Pitch —Endlas will provide laser cladding services that combat the effects of wear, corrosion, and friction. We will service markets such as oil & gas, mining, and metal forming through a need based coating process, sales of robust processing components, and professional consulting services. Novel materials and tailor-made equipment are examples of how Endlas will provide unmatched value to our customers.
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