Post-Award Support 

LEAD STAFF AT OSP: Karmen Aga and Marsha Kelly

Once a proposal has been approved, the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) will assist you in the administration of the resulting Fund(s). Some of the specific services offered by OSP are:

  • Fund Creation in Banner
  • Assistance in Drafting Subawards and other Contracts
  • Assistance in Documenting Cost Share Match
  • Review of specific purchases for allowability upon request
  • Monthly Invoicing upon receipt of fully executed awards/contracts
  • Fund close-out

Our over-all goal is to enable researchers to focus on research by providing them the administrative management support needed to obtain and manage externally funded programs in a friendly and efficient manner.

Some grants are for large amounts of money and involve multiple funds to allow for the tracking of the completion of proposal goals and outcomes. In general, if a grant is more than $500,000 or involves funds from the stimulus bill will require either a large portion of the researcher’s time to manage administratively or that of someone else. Many researchers may choose to have departmental assistance with these requirements. However, given the complexity of rules associated with reporting and accountability for the different agencies, the requirements of the grant make exceed the time and experience that is available at the Department level.

In order to ensure full compliance with all of the regulations associated with a grant it is recommended that some sort of project support be included in all larger proposals. Not all proposals may have 100% funding for such positions even though they might benefit tremendously from having this level of support. In these cases OSP can help – we can connect researchers with each other to allow for the creation of a single position that can support multiple projects. These positions are trained, supervised and housed at OSP to allow for maximum efficiency in administration, though they are generally funded from specific projects.

If you have any questions about the services or support provided by OSP please feel free to contact any of the staff listed above.

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