South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

Founded in 1885 to provide instruction in the region’s primary industry, mining, the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology is an exceptional science and engineering research university today, offering a wide variety of bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees.

Challenging Academics

We prepare graduates who tackle the most difficult challenges of the twenty-first century. We expect hard work and lots of studying so that our students develop their skills and abilities to meet those challenges.
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Education here is hands-on and multidimensional:
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Personal Attention

While there are no easy degrees at Mines, we give students the personal attention needed to succeed. Mines has a 14-to-1 student to faculty ratio and our average undergraduate class size is less then 20 students. At Mines, we don't let graduate students teach; professors teach. This focus on excellence in face-to-face undergraduate education is increasingly rare in American universities and is one of the things that makes Mines different.


Our internship program is one of the hallmarks of the Mines education. The integration of study with professional work experience prepares our students for the real world after graduation. Every summer, our students have paid internships in over 220 different companies and organizations in over 35 states. 78% of students have at least one paid internship before they graduate, giving them a competitive advantage in the job market. 15% of our undergraduate students have participated in paid research positions before they graduate.

Great Value

Mines has been named one of the best values in higher education for 17 straight years. For the most recent graduating class, 98% had jobs or places in graduate school at an average starting salary of over $63,000 a year. That's better than Harvard. The cost of education at Mines is very reasonable and heavily subsidized by the people of South Dakota and generous supporters who believe an exceptional college education should also be affordable.
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Rushmore Region

Located on a 118 acre campus in the Rushmore Region in the beautiful Black Hills of the South Dakota, we enjoy the climate of Colorado Springs with an outdoor playground at our doorstep for hiking, biking, skiing, or rock-climbing, when we're not enjoying the restaurants and tourist town vibe of Rapid City. With over 80 clubs and organizations and 12 intercollegiate Division II NCAA athletic teams, there is something for everyone at Mines. Just a six hour drive from Denver and with direct flights to Minneapolis, Denver, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, it's closer than you think.
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Challenging Academics.  Personal Attention.  Unmatched in Value.

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Research Thrives at Mines

From neutrino experiments a mile underground to collaborations with NASA, research at Mines brings talent, innovation, and determination to local, national and global initiatives.
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