View the following documents for a description of the duties and responsibilities of each committee and its current members.

Academic Appeals

ADA Advisory Committee

Admissions Committee

Affirmative Action Council 

Athletic Advisory Committee

Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences Doctoral Program Steering Committee

Biomedical Engineering (BME) Master's and Doctoral Program Advisory Council

Campus Beautification Committee 

Campus Parking Committee

Career Service Advisory Council

Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate Council 

Commencement Committee

Council on Graduate Education

Degrees Committee

Early Alert Committee

Emergency Response and Planning Committee

Engineers Week Committee

Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Committee

Ethics Committee

Executive Council

Exempt Employee Advisory Council

Faculty and Staff Club Board of Directors

Faculty Senate

Financial Aid Committee

Greek Advisory Board

Honors Day Committee

Inclusion Committee

Institutional Agreement Management Committee

Library Committee 

(MES) Masters of Science Steering Committee

Nanoscience and Nanoengineering Ph.D. Steering Committee

Pesk Awards

Promotion and Tenure Committee

Research and Intellectual Property (RIP) Council

Scholarship Committee

Science Contest Committee

Science Fair Committee

Student Association Senate

Student Conduct Council

Sustainability Committee

Tech Educational Radio Council (TERC)

University Curriculum Committee

University Research Committee

West River Math Contest Commitee