The Hardrock Club

Our Mission

Hardrock Club LogoThe Hardrock Club is the main fund raising entity for the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Athletic Department.  The Hardrock Club’s goal is to provide the maximum athletic scholarship support allowed by the NCAA to SDSM&T for all varsity sports. This will be accomplished through an annual fund raising campaign, endowments, golf tournaments, and other fund raising opportunities. The Hardrock Club will work with the university, the SDSM&T Foundation, the SDSM&T Alumni Association, and others to accomplish our mission.

The Hardrock Club will maintain absolute compliance to NCAA regulations that may govern our mission and goals and annually review changing regulations and rules.

Recent Achievements

Contribute To The Hardrock Club

As the main fundraising entity for the Hardrocker Athletic Program, this past year we supported over $500,000 in athletic scholarships as well as the purchase of a 47-passenger bus in conjunction with Rapid City Post 22 Baseball to help with travel costs during the fall and winter. In addition, we have raised funds for improvements to Goodell Gymnasium. This has been accomplished because of the generous support of our Hardrock Club members and donors as well as the generosity of others.

The Hardrock Club Board of Directors has set a budget of $620,000 for the 2013-2014 fiscal year. We ask for everyone's support again this year. We are implementing some changes this year to increase support for the Hardrock Club.

  1. To better serve Hardrock Club members in the Hardrock Hall of Fame room during basketball season, we will provide food service between games, with soft drinks available at half time.
  2. Our Hardrock Club sponsored coaches’ lunches will be held on Tuesdays this year in the Christensen Hall of Fame. The luncheons will begin at 12 noon and end by 1 p.m. Cost will remain at $5.
  3. We will begin a Hardrock Club newsletter. Issues will begin in August, and we hope this will help keep you connected to Hardrock Club events and stories.

We are excited about our athletes and our teams and encourage your support and participation with the Hardrock Club.

If you have questions about the Hardrock Club or making a contribution, please contact:
Nate Brown
President -- Hardrock Club
(605) 394-2601

From all the athletes and coaches – THANK YOU! 

Hardrock Club Football Image