Professional GIS Workshops Offered by SD Mines

Upcoming Workshops

Intro to ArcGIS I: Mapping with GIS    June 1-3, 2015

Intro to ArcGIS II: GIS Analysis*          June 4-5, 2015

Editing and Geodatabases                  June 8-10, 2015 

Field GPS                                             June 11-12, 2015

* Receive a $100 discount on this workshop if you are also registered for Intro to ArcGIS I

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Workshop Descriptions

GIS Workshops - Intro to ArcGISIntro to ArcGIS I:  Mapping with GIS
Cost: $495 Course Outline (pdf)
This workshop is for people with no previous GIS experience. It covers the basics on how ArcGIS stores and manages map data and introduces participants to making maps and working with GIS data sets and data tables. GIS data storage, creating maps, publishing map layouts, and working with tables are all covered. It also includes an overview of commonly used sources of GIS data and how to adapt them for your own use.
Background required: Familiarity with Windows and Internet browsers

GIS Workshops - Intro to ArcGIS IIIntro to ArcGIS II: GIS Analysis
Cost: $395 Course Outline (pdf)
This workshop is for people who want an introduction to the types of spatial analysis possible with GIS data. It introduces many key GIS techniques, including how to: do a suitability study based on multiple criteria, analyze spatial relationships between layers, locate addresses, solve utility or transportation network problems, work with topographic data, interpolate values from point data, and solve problems using distance and neighborhood factors.
Background required: Intro to ArcGIS I workshop or equivalent experience

GIS Workshops - Editing and DatabasesEditing and Geodatabases
Cost: $495 Course Outline (pdf)
This workshop is for people who need to learn about assembling, compiling, editing, and managing GIS databases. Editing of data is covered and includes basic editing as well as techniques for creating, maintaining, and testing for proper topology. It covers how to use the advanced capabilities available in the geodatabase, including domains and subtypes, annotation, and networks. An introduction to creating metadata is also given.
Background required: Intro to ArcGIS I workshop or equivalent experience

GIS Workshops - Field GISField GP
Cost: $395 Course Outline (pdf)
This workshop is for people who need to learn about how to prepare GIS data for field collection projects, collect data in the field using a GPS unit and ArcPad, and integrate the data back into the geodatabase. Collecting data with mobile technology (smartphone/tablet) will also be covered.
Background: Familiarity with ArcMap is recommended but not required.
Equipment: Participants may bring their own GPS/ArcPad-capable units, or borrow one from the instructor.

About the Instructors

Dr. Maribeth Price holds a PhD in Geosciences from Princeton University and is currently a professor of geology at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. She has been using and teaching GIS for over 20 years, has consulted on GIS in both industry and government, and supervised undergraduate and graduate research projects involving GIS. She is the author of Mastering ArcGIS, an introductory GIS textbook used by both college students and professionals in developing their GIS knowledge and skills. She has given more than 70 workshops to over 800 participants since 2000.

Chelsea Krause holds a master's in Natural Resource Sciences at University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is currently a Division Staff Specialist - GIS Coordinator with South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks. She works with all facets of the agency, including wildlife, fisheries, and park management. In addition, she assists in the development and maintenance of a Geographic Information System (GIS) based inventory and habitat management database of the lands and private lands leased by the Wildlife Division across South Dakota. The primary software she uses is the ESRI ArcGIS toolset, including ArcPad. She also helps coordinate GIS activities for a wide range of field staff and provides training on the uses of GIS/GPS.