Laura Heit Youngbird

 White Washed: Faded Memory
 September 6 - Oct. 11, 2005

Laura Heit Youngbird

Director's Note

Laura works in series, her recent work deals with the effects of the early boarding school experience.  Her grandmother and mother grew up in boarding schools.  Many of the images Laura works with are based on old photographs of her grandmother, who scratched her face out of nearly every photograph.

This exhibit was made possible with support of the North Dakota Council on the Arts and the North Dakota Art Gallery Association through the Memorial Union Gallery at North Dakota State University.

Deborah Mitchell, Director -- APEX Gallery

Artist's Statement: Laura Heit-Youngbird

My work is how I communicate things that simply can not be put into words:  It documents my observations, my responses to injustices — my outrage at crimes committed in the past which continue to play out their brutal legacy.  What began as an investigation has become a burning obsession.

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