Bev Beck Glueckert and Stephen Glueckert

March 28 - April 28, 2006

2006 Glueckert small

Director's Note

The work of Bev Beck Glueckert is an exploration of the fragility of life and a joyous expression of process as she develops  images  based upon her relation with the natural world. As a native Montanan, she is strongly connected to the earth and the  cyclical  nature of life. The layered mixed media pieces she produces reflect an accumulation of symbols and mark-making that  evokes  archeology and evolution.

Stephen Glueckert’s Drawing Machines are kinetic sculptures which generate drawings in the Minimalist vein. With great  imagination Glueckert has challenged the prevailing trend towards Minimalism with humor as well as a deep understanding of art  history, theory, and the creative process.

Deborah Mitchell, Director -- APEX Gallery

Artist's Statement: Bev Beck Glueckert

My recent work involves layered surfaces — collage and printmaking techniques — on both paper and fiberboard.  This body of work is based on ideas of survival and transformation, exposing the fragility of organisms and how  species change and evolve.  I am interested in the duality of the natural world — its simplicity along with all of the  challenges and complexities.  There is generally a fine line between life and death.

Ultimately my personal process involves aspects of ordering and making sense of the world around me.  The work  is informed by living most of my life in Montana, including my early years on a rural Montana hi-line wheat farm, as  well as my interest in avian life and the subsequent metaphors for us as humans.  I have been interested in the  interrelationships between life and death, and ideas of afterlife.

The processes I have utilized include linoleum and styro-foam relief print, intaglio, collage and acrylic transfer.    Other materials include wallpaper, rice and bark papers, pattern paper, fiber fragments, acrylic mediums, and  printing inks.

I am drawn to the use of multiple images that printmaking offers.  By making numerous small shaped plates, I'm  able to carry through with a continuity of imagery as I work, returning to the same plate again and again.

Artist's Statement:Stephen Glueckert

Since the 1970’s my work as a visual artist has emphasized audience participation.  I have participated in over 200 group and solo exhibitions in the region.

I feel fortunate to have been raised in Montana and think that living in this place, to some degree, has informed my work as an artist.  Montana can be both brutal and kind.  I love the long summer days, and sometimes despise the cold short days of winter. Montana has four distinct seasons, an observation that informs our health as much as any thing else.  I am fortunate to have been able to have a livelihood within this region as an artist, an art educator and as a curator.

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