Tom Thorson and Kristen Anderson

Plain Air Paintings
January 17 - February 17 2006

  2006 Tom Thorson bison
Painting by Tom Thorson

Director's Note

In the depth of winter what better time to enjoy memories of the milder months? From muted tapestries to vibrant hues the landscapes by Kristen Anderson and Tom Thorson are awash in color.  As siblings they grew up in the beautiful Black Hills and from the same origins; these two individual voices speak of their close relationship with this land, paint, and each other.

Deborah Mitchell, Director -- APEX Gallery

Artist's Statement:Tom Thorson

Painting for me is the process of transcribing light and experience into chords of color with the compositional subjectivity of a songwriter. A subject and my response to it meet at the surface of a painting in the paint. I believe that the “isms” of style should be used to express something about a subject rather than the subject serve the “ism” and no one movement of ideas excludes it from combination with the ideas of any other movement. Having personally passed through academic involvement with abstract expressionism, conceptualism, installation, Fluxus and performance, I've been drawn for the past several years to the earlier movements of the first half of the 20th century. The exuberance of this period lends itself to what I like to express about where I live.

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