Jerry Rawlins

 Third Places
 November 16 - December 15, 2007

  2007 Jerry Rawlins

Gallery Notes:

The artist Jerry Rawlings, fascinated by the social places where people congregate, created a room sized installation of The Saloon Number 10. The idea of a “Third Place” came from his musing about the loss of locally owned establishments to corporate franchises.

The contrived space of the installation was a place to dialogue about the need to find alternatives to our primary environments. These are places where we learn social skills and form bonds of our own making, as opposed those imposed by familial ties or dictated by the work environment.

“Here is the place one goes to add texture and a sense of community to our lives. These are places, where we as a society and culture, can come to understand that it is the diversity within a culture, which makes it function as it does. The Saloon #10 is but one example of these types of spaces. They also are found in coffee shops, hometown diners, gyms, and beauty shops, or wherever individuals gather on a regular basis. The sad thing is that we are losing these types of social and public spaces at an alarming rate.”

Rawlings stressed that his installation was not about bars and drinking, although these types of establishments often become Third Places.

“It is not the alcohol that is important; it is the public gathering place that holds value for society.”

He addressed this issue in his installation by bringing to light the fact that one of his subjects passed away from sclerosis of liver. His thesis, entitled: “A Bartenders Guide to the Visual Arts” was also on display for those that wished to explore in detail, the importance of all Third Places. With winter upon us we gravitate inside and with the holidays ahead we turn to the social rituals that become traditions. This installation was about camaraderie and where we may find it.

Quotes: Jerry Rawlings

Deborah Mitchell, Director -- APEX Gallery

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