Kim Henkel

Delicate: Sculptures and Pinhole Photography
August 1 - September 12, 2008

  2008 Kim Henkel

Director's Note

Kim Henkel has a poet's heart and an artist's eye. She is drawn to the ephemeral, the shadows and remains of our existence, and the traces we make as we negotiate the Western landscape. There is a dichotomy between the physicality of her medium and the nostalgia her sculptures and her words express.

By nostalgia, I don't mean the sweetly sentimental, but more a recognition of the fullness of life, primordial struggles, and the process and products of decay.

Henkel is enamored by the things that many of us over look. She is drawn to the remnants of life, the margins or footnotes the land and its occupants.

She refers to her work as an "excavation." Her art reveals and interprets the natural world. Yet at the same time she is building and forming objects which have the patina of ancient archeological artifacts. Henkel seems to occupy the space between visceral immediacy of life and the contemplative reflection of times past.

Deborah Mitchell, Director -- APEX Gallery

Artist's Statement: Kim Henkel

What is Delicate? Stillness and slowness. Time. Being. The things I collect and find.

A moment of discovery is delicate: immediate thoughts in my imagination, the memory of an imagination that was.

What is Delicate? The memory of Place: national parks, wilderness. What is wild is delicate. Remarkable, beautiful, treasured, respected, preserved, conserve, protect, appreciate, savor, explore, educate, rest. Stillness and slowness.

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