Neal Ambrose-Smith

Impacted Nations
September 15 - October 17, 2008

  2008 Neal Ambrose-Smith

Director's Note

Impacted Nations is a traveling exhibition sponsored by Honor the Earth, an organization whose mission is to create awareness and support for Native environmental issues through the arts. This exhibition gives voice to Indigenous wisdom and asks people to recognize our joint dependency on the Earth while listening to those who are often not heard.

With 44 artists included in this show and limited space the Dahl Art Center and the Apex Gallery decided to share this exhibition between our two galleries. We also come together to provide a forum for issues affecting our lives and our country through educational programming and public discourse.

As Director of the Apex Gallery I wanted to show more examples of one artist in particular, Neal Ambrose-Smith. Ambrose-Smith comes from a family strong in artistic talent as well as political activism. His mother, the artist Jaune Quick To See Smith has been a revolutionary force combining contemporary imagery, traditional symbolism, and political issues in her artwork. She has also been a tireless activist, promoting equity for Native artist within the entrenched gallery system.

As a child Ambrose-Smith was surrounded by many of the best known contemporary Native American artists. These luminaries came and went through his mother’s studio and it was there, observing their talents and absorbing many traditional practices he has worked to find his own voice, a voice which honors the examples they set.

Neal Ambrose-Smith will be an honored panel member on Oct. 9 at the Dahl Art Center’s special event. It will be an evening of dialogue and discussion. It is telling that Ambrose-Smith’s statement anticipates the current dialogue on the energy crisis! Please join us!

Deborah Mitchell, Director -- APEX Gallery

Artist's Statement: Neal Ambrose-Smith

Education is a binding contract for life. Alter-native energy is as well. In Coyote Sees Two Worlds, the Coyote is the creator’s helper. And because all things are connected, he’s an integral part of our world – a gear. The sun turns so we can turn, and we turn so the moon can turn. But, Coyote sees two worlds. He sees the dark side of oil – the underworld. He also sees the future with alternative and renewable energy sources, like wind power.

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