Rollin Wagner

Landscape Inspired Geometric Abstractions
May 14 - June 25, 2008

2008 Rollin Wagner

Director's Note

This work was derived primarily from pencil and watercolor studies done at locations in the Black Hills.  The wood reliefs are meant to reflect the vertical solitude of pine and aspen stands by arranging monochromatic rectangular elements to establish subtle patterns of light and shadow.  The reliefs are constructed from common wood lath that was cut, stained and mounted on hardboard panels.

The paper collages are an attempt to convey a sense of place and season while intuitively exploring formal relationships between visual art elements such as color, value and division of space.  The collages are made from acrylic stained Japanese paper adhered to gessoed hardboard.

Rollin Wagner is a graduate of the School of Mines in metallurgical engineering.  His engineering career began in Detroit, Michigan where he worked at Chrysler Corporation’s Missile Division.  He then joined NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama where he served as Chief of the Metallurgical Analysis Section.  He completed his professional career at 3M Company in St.  Paul, Minnesota where he supervised mechanical and chemical manufacturing process research groups.  He retired from 3M as a laboratory operations manager.

Throughout his adult life, Wagner has pursued an avocation in visual art making.  He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in studio art from the University of Minnesota – Minneapolis.

His work is represented in several private collections.

Wagner currently lives and works in Spearfish, South Dakota.

Deborah Mitchell, Director -- APEX Gallery

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