Anthony Capra

All the Paintings Anthony Did
February 20 - March 18, 2009

2009 Anthony Capra

Director's Note

In 1969 Anthony Capra suffered severe reactions to a routine immunization that left him unable to function in the mainstream. He came to Rapid City in 1988 for services provided by Black Hills Workshop.

Anthony had started doing art on his own as a youngster. With the assistance of artist Jan Sohl, he has completed a body of work full of color and joy. Sohl, who has worked diligently on Anthony’s behalf, brought his artwork to my attention.

Anthony’s work reflects detailed observations of the ordinary that would be difficult for him to express in every day conversation. Every canvas contains the significant fine points of what he remembers. No part is lost, no color is forgotten. In spite of his disabilities, a good part of the shadow of who Anthony is shows throughout his paintings.

His art is what he does by ‘heart’. It is this particular kind of work that enables him to triumph over the restrictions of his reality.

Deborah Mitchell, Director -- APEX Gallery

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