Daniel Fielder

April 27 - May 29, 2009

  2009 Daniel Fielder

Director's Note

Daniel Fielder seems to gather many influences into his dynamic textural mixed media pieces. It is hard to categorize his “paintings’ because he has taken old paintings and given them new life. He has literally torn them apart and sewn them back together again. They could be referred to as constructions, or as assemblage. Mixed media as an identifier seems one dimensional because they are so much more.

Fielder’s work calls to mind the early work of Antoni Tapies  while reaching further back in time to references of Fayum portraits through his use of encaustic medium. And a link to ancient mummies is even more evident when one considers the rich textural quality and the stitched “mark making” of broad strips of linen sewn together. But these are not neatly wrapped for he seems to be channeling Art Brut while applying encaustic with all of the gestural quality of an Abstract Expressionist painting.

In all the gathering together of old work and the transformative process that Fielder uses hints at the human journey of change and decay in life cycles.

Deborah Mitchell, Director -- APEX Gallery

Artist's Statement

The body of work, “Layers,” begins with a radical process of recycling my old paintings, stacking and sewing them together with metal wire. As a traditional painter, this is an intuitive departure from previous figurative work that deals with anatomy. I use burning techniques as a type of glazing and drawing method. Egyptian, Greek, and Roman encaustic paintings have inspired wax transparencies that I layer over the bits of canvas and linen.

As a student of anatomy, I am interested in structure and pattern in the human body and in the natural world. The structure of these works is similar to the way fascia, or tissue layers are woven together in the body. I have found parallels to these intersections in nature, for example, the way various parts of plants synthesize. Intersections as a philosophical concept have become an important part of the content and direction of this work as it relates to the human global community. Just as each part of these deconstructed paintings depends on one another, we as global citizens are much more interconnected than we often imagine.

Daniel Fielder

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