Bob H. Miller

The Land of Gold
February 26 - April 1, 2010

  2010 Bob H. Miller

Director's Note

The allure of gold is legendary. From Croesus, and Midas, to the Medici’s, gold is the currency of wealth and the hall mark of beauty. In this, our 125th year, we celebrate a great institution of higher learning that evolved from the practical concern for mining gold in the Black Hills. Departments across campus are participating in our anniversary celebration in a variety ways. As director of the Apex Gallery I chose to present one artist’s visual explorations into gold. Not as an element of material wealth but for its vibrancy and seductive surface. For Bob H .(as he is known) gold is an element which captured his imagination as a child, to which he regularly returns, and which led him to this body of work.

Deborah Mitchell, Director -- APEX Gallery

Artist's Statement

“This series of paintings was inspired by my life long attraction to the color gold. As a child I loved the color and knew that it was worth something but not totally understanding the concept. I horded and even stole gold crayons because I thought they were valuable. What possessed me to “The Land of Gold” in my father’s Audubon book still evades me but it was instrumental in conceiving this exhibit. Using a gold crayon, in my young mind, automatically infused my drawing with value, regardless of what I drew.” ….. These paintings, both on panel and Rives paper, are abstractions. They could be abstractions of the prairie landscape I grew up in but I think it would be more accurate to say they are renderings of subconscious feelings I have fostered since childhood and, just like the drawing in Dad’s bird book, they are difficult to explain.” 

Bob H. Miller

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