Don Jones

Form and Variation
November 3 - December 10, 2010

2010 Don Jones

Artist's Statement

“I would like people to engage my wall work from more than one angle. See how the colors are effected by shadows, how the appearance changes from different points of view. Though there is no representational content in my work, it can still be engaged intellectually, emotionally, and aesthetically. I let the viewer use their imagination, perhaps come up with their own meaning if it symbolizes something or reminds them of something. On the other hand a specific title of a piece will state immediately what the work is about from my point of view. For example in the work samples there is a piece called "Depression Services Inc." It is abstract but the humor can be seen in the symbols of color and form I have used. In all the pieces I create, I simply want to communicate beauty.”

Don Jones

archive 2010

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