Julia M. Becker

Intuitive Topographies
September 3 - October 1, 2010

  2010 Julia Becker

Artist's Statement

The work in this exhibit spans many lifetimes. Printmaking is a way of making tracks, of leaving traces, of embedding our mark. Printmaking combines the accidental quality with the technical practice of working in stages along a designated path, within a chosen spectrum of possibilities that offers endless results. Working with plates, ink and paper makes me happy. The smell, the tactile quality, the physicality, the chemical reaction, the action of the press, the paper, the solitude and comradery of the print studio . . . these I love. 

I also paint, draw, collage, make sculptures, films, installations, take walks, travel and love being alive and present in this lovely world. I am the mother of Eula, a remarkable 18 year old young woman with complex disabilities and amazing genius. I have always made art, sometimes with great obsession and passion, other times as a way of living in the world, but always prolific. Getting the art out presents its own challenges and inspiration, and alters the way I work. 

For this exhibit it has been a joy to pull out prints spanning many years, places, and events. This is the first time the prints have been shown together in a print exhibit. Some are carved from wood blocks, or etched into copper plates, painted onto Plexiglas (monoprints), or drawn with greasy crayon onto a slab of limestone. In much of my imagery there are stories, memories and/or desires. Some come quick and flashing, others are laborious and layered. All come from a place of intuition and imagination: this I cherish and delight in. 

My work is like a map or chart of a lifetime, spanning now 50 years, a topographical journey across the landscape of a soul, … traveling, aging, dreaming, loving. It is an experience of a body; touching, flying, swimming, touching down and lifting off again. The prints help keep me connected, like occasionally taking a finger print, just to remember who I am, or more so, where I am.

Julia M. Becker

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