Nicholas Bonner

Installation of Natural Forms
April 7 - May 7, 2010

  2010 Nicholas Bonner

Director's Note

Nicholas Bonner has been creating installations for many years. Inspired both by his work as a studio ceramist and the tradition of earth artists, Bonner takes over the gallery space and alters our perceptions of the natural world. Using natural materials which have been altered or which he alters in the installation process he brings organic forms into geometric compliance on a large scale. His aim is to create a new relationship between the viewer and the natural world.

Deborah Mitchell, Director -- APEX Gallery

Artist's Statement

“We don’t often think about the relationship between objects and their natural immediate surroundings, unless that relationship is altered or changed. Then things which we wouldn’t normally give a second thought to are seen in a completely new way. Artists such as Andy Goldsworthy, Nils Udo, Patrick Dougherty, and other Environmental or Earthworks artists often use this principle as a basis for their work.

Whether altering natural objects in their natural setting in order to bring attention to them in some manner, or by bringing those natural objects or materials inside the build environment, this changing or altering process results in the opportunity to see things in a new light or to notice what had previously not been considered.

With the piece I hope to create at the Apex Gallery, I’m bringing natural materials into the gallery and altering the way we would normally see them. This is a considerable task, and the success will be largely determined by the degree to which volunteers are willing to assist me in making this piece a success.”

Nicholas Bonner

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