Adam Roosa and Chris Yushta

Post Processing
October 4 -October 29, 2010

  2010 Adam Roosa and Chris Yushta
Photograph by Adam Roosa

Artist's Statement - Adam Roosa

My work is a reflection of the way I see the world. I am influenced by the past as well as the potential of contemporary photography, which will allow me to carry out more experimental techniques in the future

I am greatly interested in the history of the places I shoot, even though I rarely do any research into them. I think about the people who lived in, or visited these buildings. Who they were, what they did, and how their property ended up in their currently shape. The thing that draws me to my subjects are the stories behind them, and not even I know what these might be.

Adam Roosa

Artist's Statement - Chris Yushta

In this day and age, everyone is a photographer.  What I hope sets me apart from the rest of today’s photographer isn’t my equipment, my editing process, or even what I shoot. It’s me, the person behind the camera. It’s the late nights till 3 am and early mornings at 6am in the digital dark room.  I feel my ambition sets me apart from the next guy.  Along the way I have picked up a few techniques that have helped me to turn my vision of into images. My hope is that ambition, hard work, and passion for photography  will lead the way for my photographic career. In my travels as a photographer, I have experimented with a few processes that have intrigued me.  HDR and Infrared photography have been a focal point of my interest for some time. HDR or High Dynamic Range, is achieved by taking a minimum of three different exposures and than using computer software to mold them together. This reveals detail in both shadow and highlight areas that you would not usually have.  This process will  sometimes over-saturate colors and will soften the image.  Often times the image seems almost surreal. 
Infrared photography (IR) is a process which allows only IR light to reach the camera’s sensor.  The results of this process is an image that is heavily toned in red, while certain colors you expect to see dark, such as green grass and trees are rendered white. Through my work I hope to share some innovative and interesting perspectives of the way I view the world.
Chris Yushta

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