Susan Harris and Brian Hoover

Mythical Cycles
August 29 - September 30, 2011

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Artist's Statements

Mythical Cycles pairs the paintings of Brain Hoover and the ceramics of Susan Harris. Each artist expresses their different interests, Harris in ritual and ancient historic styles, and Hoover in a spiritual world where surrealism and narrative are melded. This seemingly disparate pairing is brought together through elements of the natural world and exquisite detail.

From the two year old child who got in trouble for playing in the mud to the accomplished artist and faculty member at Southern Utah University, Susan Harris has developed her work to perfection. Texture, detail, and sculpted bio-morphic creatures adorn forms of perfect balance which have been inspired by ancient Chinese and Etruscan ceremonial vessels. She has shown extensively throughout the US, in Asia and Australia, and her work is included in numerous permanent collections as well as numerous text books and catalogs.

Her work, even when used for utilitarian purposes “maintains a ceremonial sensibility, an impression that has deliberately been cultivated.” Susan Harris

Brian Hoover uses dream imagery and surrealism to create paintings with mysterious often spiritual narratives. He approaches his work with two different techniques, not unlike the two roots of surrealism. In his “splash” paintings he uses accidental marks made by random splashes of paint. His other, more traditional way of creating an image relies on a fully conceived idea and careful planning.

“Dreams are important to me because they stand as a reminder that all is not orderly in the universe. Life is an enigma. Life is surprising,” 

Brian Hoover

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