Bill Ohrmann

Truth: An Exhibition of Paintings
January 12 - February 14, 2012


Director's Note

At the age of 94, Ohrmann has been an artist for a very long time! Since he began creating as a young man his career in the arts has been interrupted by the death of his parents, war, and cattle ranching.

Until 1995 he was best known as a sculptor, first as a wood carver, then a bronze artist. His wildlife sculptures have been sought by collectors throughout the country. Then, at the age of 80, he turned his attention to producing life sized, anatomically correct, welded steel sculptures of elk, moose, bear, etc.

In 1995, after semi-retiring from 57 years as a rancher he began painting. Although he had done a number of paintings through the years, he had put most of his efforts into sculpture.

Allegorical themes have always interested him. But when he tried his hand at oil painting the narrative possibilities expanded beyond what was possible in sculpture! It was a natural medium for his expression!

At this point in his life Ohrmann is content to remain in his studio in Drummond, Montana. He won’t be attending a reception at the Apex Gallery. But, I encourage everyone to visit the Gallery, as well as his website!

Deborah Mitchell, Director -- APEX Gallery

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