MaryAnn Bonjorni

Recent Drawing and Constructions
February 17 - March 27, 2012

  2012 Bonjorni

Director's Note

MaryAnn Bonjorni reflects her experience of what it means to live in the “Last Best Place” with all its attendant commercialization and romanticization. Gathering found elements and constructing them into assemblages of wry humor she mines her profound love of the place with a Duchampian sensibility. “Trained under the influence of late Modernism and practicing within the linguistic chatter of Post modernism, much of my work has emphasized process and signing.”

Drawing is another form of expression for Bonjorni, serving both as a place to start and for developing finished works. “For me, drawing is a mainstay and often the first step in exploring an idea. It is also something that can be pursued pretty much at any time in any place.”

Deborah Mitchell, Director -- APEX Gallery

Artist's Statement

“My interest in the West and Western society developed long before "Last Best Place" espresso bars and t-shirts. Like many contemporary regional writers I arrived at my pursuit through personal investigations into family and place. Over the years I have slowly integrated this information into a larger context. In the past I have supported myself as a farm worker, commercial fisherman, bartender, and ranch hand. I have literally and figuratively sweated out any romantic notions I once held about "western-ness". While these experiences are about physicality and solace amidst a beautiful natural environment, they are also about economic stress, injury, death, and beating the odds. The essence of my work has attempted to link these characteristics.”

MaryAnn Bonjorni

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