Sam Chapman

Unhindered by Glass
March 29 - April 25 2012

  2012 Chapman

Director's Note

Sam Chapman is an international photographer who is a 2000 graduate of Rapid City Steven’s High School and North Dakota State University (NDSU) with a degree in Landscape Architecture. His resume also includes an award winning thesis design for a downtown walking corridor from the Dahl Art Center to the Journey Museum. 

Upon his graduation from NDSU he headed to the skyscraper landscape of San Francisco for employment with the global landscape architecture company EDAW Inc., at least until the 2008 economic crisis took hold of the economy. In 2009, he took off to South East Asia for a photo expedition financed after long office hours and encouragement of Rapid Citian Patrick Franklin, another international traveler and business entrepreneur. 

When he returned from his five month travels in Asia, finding employment to sustain his photography passion is a familiar story to many artists. His however has beaten the odds in these economic times, if you can weather a third world living experience in the “oil rush” of North Dakota. Over the past year, he purchased the necessary equipment to mat and build the frames in a family garage and at the worksite shop. Employed in a wireline fracture business, he worked over 100 hour weeks with intermittent days off. “Photography is an exciting lifetime skill because it works where every you are and whatever you are doing,” Chapman said, “Even when there is not much time.” 

His photography website, has more photos from the exhibit and as for most artists they are for sale. It is the combination of the crisis and the “strike it rich” oil rush that makes Chapman’s specialization in street photography, architecture and landscapes compelling. His style of photography is not about the photo but about what the photo captures. 

Deborah Mitchell, Director -- APEX Gallery

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