Cathryn Mallory

"Topography - a Mixed Media Exhibit"
September 29 - November 7, 2014

Fissure - by Cathryn Mallory


5 to 7 pm, Friday, October 24,  with gallery talk at 6 pm.

Exhibit Notes

Cathryn Mallory manipulates mundane materials and transforms simple roofing shingles and scuffed linoleum into finely crafted works of art. Along the way as she builds these objects of beauty with her consummate attention to detail she also created puns and visual metaphors. Her artist’s statement is a well-honed explanation and meditation on her life’s work.

Cathryn Mallory is Professor and Gallery Director at the School of Art at the University of Montana in Missoula, MT.

Artist's Statement

“The works in Topography are inspired from direct observation of the forms, patterns, and details found within the landscape. A lifelong interest in textiles, process and materials are reflected in these interpretations.

Obsessive process and passion for materials have always been significant elements in my work. Materials are selected for their aesthetic quality and communicative power.  I enjoy using materials that have a familiarity, but are distanced from usual reference and association. Preserving the intrinsic quality of these materials is also significant to me, and I rarely alter the color. The use of linoleum allows me to explore color in new ways, while maintaining its integrity. Vintage scraps of linoleum and assorted metals are pieced together in a process similar to quiltmaking, resulting in an array of color, line, and pattern.” 
--- Cathryn Mallory

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