Nathan Hurst and Chalice Mitchell

February 18 - March 26, 2014

  2013 Hurst-Mitchell Paintings
Left: painting by Chalice Mitchell; Right: Painting by Nathan Hurst

Exhibit Notes

The Apex Gallery at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology will host the exhibit, “Embodied/Disembodied,” by Nathan Hurst, M.F.A., and Chalice Mitchell, M.F.A., February 18th through Wednesday, March 26, 2014.

“Hurst fills his paintings with saturated color and solidity; Mitchell’s seems to dissolve as though seen through a veil or alternately as though illuminated by the staccato of a strobe light,” Deborah Mitchell, director of the Apex Gallery and associate professor of humanities, notes.

She believes their starkly different styles are influenced by their respective artistic training in Alaska and Florida – two states which couldn’t be further apart. “Does someone spending days in the low light conditions of an arctic winter crave color, and does an artist who seeks relief from unrelenting sun comfort themselves with low light and a muted palette?” Mitchell says.

Both artists chose the human figure as their subject, a form that has been portrayed and received differently in various cultures over time: revered in Greek art, elongated by the Mannerists and fractured by the Cubists, to name a few. This long lineage of approaches converges in the 21st century where artists are liberated from style and are free to subvert the body in many different ways, as both fleeting and corporeal.

“As I look over these paintings I see light, presence, color, solidity, impermanence, enduring, fleeting and ephemeral. Paint is a substance that can take many forms depending upon the skill and the hand of the artist and can be all of these things. Both artists are proficient in their handling of the material and the subject. The viewer will have their own take on the content,” Mitchell adds.

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