Erika Harvey

"Majestic Moments" - landscape and wildlife photographs
September 28 - October 30, 2015

2015 Erika Harvey
"Hey Boo Boo" - photograph by Erica Harvey

Exhibit Notes

This photography exhibit features 21 landscape and wildlife images taken at national parks around the country as well as in Canada. Harvey’s use of rich color and subtle light give her images a stillness that allows the photograph to reveal itself slowly as it tells the story of our national parks.

“The images you see today are not only beautiful works of art, but some of my favorite moments. Together they convey my greatest passion in life: traveling and seeing the world. Oddly enough a map - my grandparent’s map to be exact, instilled this passion! As a small child I would go into their basement and stare at this world map that was full of pins. Each one of those pins represented an adventure, a life fully lived. I swore to myself that one day I would have my own map and fill it with my own pins. This collection of images is representative of some of what I see when I look at my own map. Instead of pins I see moments in time. Each pin in my map has a story to tell.”

Harvey grew up in the Black Hills. She attended the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara where she earned a degree in Visual Journalism. For the last 10 years she has run her own photography business in Rapid City and currently she is working towards her goal of teaching others.

Artist's Reception: Friday, October 2 | 5-7 PM