Dakota Scapes:
Images and inspiration from this land we call home.
November 2 - December 2, 2016

Paintings by Dede Farrar, David Horan, Lisa Shoemaker, and Jan Sohl

2016 Dakota Scapes

Exhibit Notes

Reception Friday, November 4, 5-7 pm
Artist’s talk, at 6pm

Four local painters share their love of landscape, natural phenomenon, and the people of South Dakota in this eclectic exhibition. 

Lisa Shoemaker harnesses the wonder of nature through abstract paintings that describe the forces governing the natural world, while Jan Sohl’s contemplative paintings come from her connection to the land, Dede Farrar’s thickly painted canvases are full of the energy of living beings, especially her side kick, Tiger, and David Horan muses on his place in both the landscape and the community. 

Gallery director Deborah Mitchell asked them to think about what inspires them about living in our state, specifically in the Black Hills. Their words and art are testaments to an artist’s vision and life’s work. Visit the exhibit and see South Dakota through their eyes.