Introspection: The Birds and the Bees
August 28 - September 22, 2017
Closing Reception Friday September 22, 5-7
Gallery talk at 6

 2017 Glueckert and Taaffe 

The exhibition Introspection: The Birds and the Bees highlights artwork by two artists whose exploration of the natural world brings focus to our changing environment. While their art is about nature their expressions are wildly different. Renee Taffee lovingly paints luscious, colorful images of birds and flora. Interpreted with loose brush work and a story tellers eye, she transports us to the marshes of Montana or an imaginary dreamscape where animals interact on the human stage. 

Bev Beck Glueckert’s has a more scientific approach. In her mixed media prints images of honey bees, flies, and birds are repeated as they navigate their natural environment. Wings, nests, and feathers are displayed as though specimens of a disappearing species. Background patterns shift from honey comb to window screen inviting the viewer to ponder our relationship with insects and how we are dependent upon them while also protecting ourselves from vexation. 

“Much of my work is based on ideas of survival and transformation, focusing on the simple yet complex nature of organisms and how species evolve and exist.”
Bev Beck Glueckert

“Nature, real or imagined, has always been a source of visual inspiration and information for my art work. I glean images from observation, plein air sketches and from memory.”
Renee Taaffe

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