Painting in the Dark
September 25 - October 27, 2017
Opening Reception Friday September 29, 5-7

 2017 Devore 1 2017 Devore 2


DeVore’s title, “Painting in the Dark” was realized too late for the exhibition announcement. But, that one small act was a revelation which explains so much. Her primary concern is to paint and analyzing her work, assigning a title, or explaining, her process is all secondary.

I have only seen her paintings via a small screen but I recognized immediately the inherent beauty and rich textures of her work. These paintings are large and expansive, exquisitely rich with layering, texture and subtle color. For further explanation, I must rely on a fellow painter, and friend, Tom Thorson to fill in some details about her approach.

“From my visits to her studio I can further describe what she has explained to me, which isn’t a whole lot. But she has explained and I’ve seen a couple of paintings through their progress, she layers and layers and layers her paint to get to her finished surface and color. One painting had what was to me the most gorgeous Pierre Bonnard palette that I couldn’t stop ogling. The next time it was unrecognizable as the same painting. It had become mostly grays. Jan insisted she needs that specific underpainting to get what she had in her final painting. The rest is, I suppose, self-evident in that it’s about surface, and the play between the absolute flat and the teasing tension toward illusionary space.” 

 Tom Thorson