"A Thousand Words"

January 9 - February 10, 2017

Work by artist Len Davis 

2017 Davis

Exhibit Notes

Opening Reception:  Friday, January 13th. Show runs from January 9th thru February 10th, 2017 
Workshop:  Friday, January 13th, 9am to 9:50am 
Classroom Visit Q&A:  Friday, January 13th, 12pm to 12:50pm 
Reception:  Friday, January 13th, 5pm to 7pm 
Artist Talk:  Friday, January 13th, 6pm   

Artist, Len Davis collage/drawings explores the interplay between the figurative & literal term consisting of 100 8” X 5” collages incorporated with drawings of peoples’ faces executed on text-filled newsprint pages. When looking at a person’s facial expression, you can tell how they’re feeling at that particular moment. Where as text, words, verbiage and recognizable text/identity marks explains it for you. Either way, we’re provided a mental picture from both, which illustrate the fact that “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words” within... “A Thousand Words.”


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