The Mining Aesthetic
Glenn Bodish: photographs, drawings and artifacts
January 08 - February 16, 2018

Bodish Photo 1 Bodish Photo 2

An exhibit exploring the impact mining has on the landscape as well as the people and animals around it. Featuring photographs, drawings and artifacts by Montana artist Glenn Bodish, "The Mining Aesthetic" will showcase images of the Berkeley Pit, Continental Pit and Yankee Doodle Tailings Pond, all located in Butte, Mont. Bodish said he hopes the exhibit raises awareness of the affect that mining has on the landscape, something he saw firsthand while living in Butte for 20 years.

The exhibit brings a message that we should be aware of the incessant desire we have for heavy metals and how it affects the landscape, people and animals.

Bodish, originally from Pennsylvania, has spent 35 years working in the fields of fine art, commercial design, museum management and higher education. He currently lives in Montana and Illinois, where he teaches at both Sauk Valley Community College in Dixon, Il.