History: the 1910s


(December)  Pahasapa Quarterly begins publication.

— First licensed radio station in South Dakota established on campus.
1911 Radio Station


(April) Titanic oceanliner hits iceberg; 1,503 killed.

(October 5)  First "M-Day;" construction of the "M" on M-Hill.
1911 M Hill

— School of Mines Mascot, Mucker the Cat.
1912 Cat Mascot


— Ford Motor Company raises wages from $2.40 for a nine-hour day to $5 for an eight-hour day.

— WWI begins.


(April 6) U.S. enters WWI.

— School of Mines admitted into the South Dakota Athletic Conference.


— Training detachments housed on the Mines campus.

— Influenza epidemic kills 20 million worldwide; 548,000 in the U.S.

— Germany defeated; end of WWI.


— Electrical engineering course of study offered.

— Drill & Crucible Club founded and is now the oldest student organization.
1919 Drill and Crucible Club

— 18th Amendment began prohibition.

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