History: the 1970s


— Largest class to date of graduates — 240 B.S. degrees awarded.

— Devereaux Library completed and dedicated; astronaut Frank Borman, speaker.
1970 Devereaux Library

— Environmental Protection Agency established.

(April 22)   First Earth Day in U.S.

— (May)  Kent State University massacre of four student war protesters.


(August)  KTEQ radio station on the air.
1971 KTEQ Radio


(June 9)  Rapid City flood takes 238 lives.
1972 Flood

(June 17)  Five men arrested for breaking into Democratic Headquarters at Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C.


— Electrical Engineering/Physics Building completed.
1973 EEP Building

— Cease-fire in Vietnam; American forces withdraw.

Box found with Prep Building cornerstone. Contents: invitation to laying cornerstone, copies of local newspapers, and tin from Keystone Etta Mine.


— New Physical Plant completed on campus.
1974 New Physical Plant

— Richard Nixon resigns as U.S. president.


— Fourteenth President: Richard Schleusener, 1975-87.
1975 President Schleusener


— Nation’s bicentennial.

— Rapid City’s centennial.

— Goodell Gymnasium and Physical Education Complex completed.
1976 Goodell Gym


— President Jimmy Carter pardons Vietnam war draft evaders.


— Program of study established in computer science.

— Cooperative Ph.D. program in meteorology established.

— South Dakota Mining and Mineral Resources Research Institute established.


— Americans taken hostage at embassy in Iran; returned 444 days later.

— Three-Mile Island nuclear reactor accident.

— Joyce Fossen’s “Museum to the People” program initiated.
1979 Museum to the People

— Tennis, golf, track, and women’s basketball excel during 1979-80 year.

— Nearly $2 million was expended for research during the year, up from only $100,000 in 1964.

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