History: the 1980s


— Operation Evergreen begins on campus.

(May 18)  Mount St. Helens volcanic eruption in Washington.

(June 17)  SDSM&T Endowment Association reorganized into the SDSM&T Foundation.


— (April 12)  Space Shuttle Columbia launched into space..

(July 17)  Death of long-time alumni director, Guy March, felt deeply by campus.
1981 Guy March

— Mammoth Butcher site identified near Oglala.
1981 Mammoth Site

— Sixth-ever Tyrannosaurus Rex unearthed by Museum of Geology.
1981 Sixth Ever T-Rex

— 1,500 pound skull of Triceratops, a three-horned dinosaur, discovered.


— Flood memorial fountain built by ASCE dedicated; plaques listing victims unveiled.
1982 Flood Memorial


(June 18)  Dr. Sally Ride first American woman in space.

— Tech Educational Micro-Processor (TEMP) program underway as required course.
1983 TEMP Program

(October 27)  TOTH dedicated, artist Andrew Leicester designed the tower.
1983 TOTH


— Final phases of Operation Evergreen.

(July 1)  School of Mines’ centennial year of events begins.
1984 Centennial

—October SDSM&T Alumni Association celebrates its 50th anniversary.


— School of Mines Centennial Anniversary.
1985 Centennial Anniversary

— School of Mines claims the SDIC All-Sports Champion title for 1984-85 academic year.


— Dr. Richard J. Gowen named School of Mines president.
1987 Dr. Gowen President


— Construction of new Classroom Building begins.

— East portion of the Liberal Arts Building condemned.

—South Dakota Library Network (SDLN) computerized catalog added to Devereaux Library.

— Tech Learning Center begins providing tutorial services for students.


— New Classroom Building completed and occupied.
1989 Classroom Building

— Singing Engineers perform in Austria.

— Scientific Knowledge for Indian Learning and Leadership (SKILL) program begins on campus.

— Master’s program established in technology management.

(December 16)  Malcolm S. Forbes speaks at 120th commencement.

— South Dakota’s centennial year.

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